Infrared equipment

The use of technology in everyday life and in many areas is common. In addition to the technical measurements in order to
use the infrared waves for medicinal purposes and heating. Classic cookers to this day is used to heat sources, which work on
the principle of infrared radiation.

Infrared radiation is not visible to the human eye. In contrast, the skin is detected by the heat. The development of technology

has brought widespread use of infrared radiation in the previous several areas.
Already in 1800, William Herschel has proved that radiation emanating from the sun long-wave thermal radiation. All emanate a warm body and is able to warm objects in the vicinity. In general, the hot water, gas or electricity to heat the heat transfer is mainly convection, i.e. the heat transferred through the surface of objects hőenergiájukat vehicle (air) environment. However, the proportion of heat radiation from the heat of the final terms of comfort. The best source is the sun's heat, heat waves by which vital energy is conveyed to us. Heat waves passing through the air pad of coming to Earth, they are transformed into heat, thus warming the Earth and its people. That this natural phenomenon to appear in the apartments is the result of long-term research work. The short-wave infrared thermal radiation, similar to the heat that reaches us from the sun. The wavelength of 1.2 microns for actually the future energy source 100% passes through the air. The heated localities directly heats the people and the area without heating up the air. The heat radiating effect is particularly pleasing melegérzetre, which means that the greater heat loss due to surface pleasant feel in addition to the air cooler. Using infrared heaters is reduced overall heat loss of the building, so that the inner and outer temperature difference. The larger the difference, the greater the loss. The infrared radiant heat when using the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling of 2-3 ° C, which contributes to further increase efficiency and efficient heating.

The history of hot flushes

Heating based on heat waves of history, such as fire, stone and the use of clay, as well as the use of stoves and ovens released later that cozy warmth to this day. The novelty of the method of heating, which generates heat sources. using heat-conducting, non-metallic surfaces clean, healthy and energy-efficient heat gain.

Better climate, healthier, radiant heat

The reason that oxygen is consumed, so the air does not dry out. No generation of harmful combustion products that reduce the oxygen level. The heat generated by the multi-layer carbon paper circulating flow, which is protected from the insulation support table. The air is dry, because heat transferred by the heating element is passed through the air, it does not change the physical condition. However, there is no heat loss.

The classic convection heating imperfections.

Some direct impact on our health. All system which heats the air (thermal black), based on the circulation of air. The air warms up and flows upwards. Consequently, the cold air flows down and heating up. This air circulation is created which results bakeout of the analyzing of the village. The more the air is heated, the higher the dryness of the air, dust, bacteria and other harmful substances can swirl. These materials flow throughout the city air. Result: High temperatures and dry, polluted air. This is detrimental to the organism and thermal comfort érzetünkre. Next disadvantage is the high energy consumption. Even worse for those plants which are equipped with a fan. This not only increased the flow of powder and air drying out takes place, but also heating of the machine, to which the powder and the combustion of soot is also spread. the temperature difference between the floor and ceiling may reach 7 degrees is cold feet - hot head.

Savings and investment intensity.

Thanks to this heating method can save the electricity cost 40-60% of the heat waves operate in the same way as the solar radiation - items and equipment to heat up the room and not the surrounding air - the desired temperature is provided immediately. Heat waves to heat healthier. No burning objects or materials which the products of combustion of soot and other harmful compounds that are bad influence on the human body. Due to the heat wave there is no dust flow. The IHS and ITS systems in addition to fully operate silently. Attractive and little space. The size allows nesting space. In addition to the sides do not have to leave empty space. The investment costs are lower than other heating systems. The heat wave heating systems directly passed on to power without the use of an intermediary substance (air). Heat waves are long waves of 7-9 microns in size. This wavelength corresponds to the solar radiation. They are necessary to the sensible heat of more than 80% of transition into energy, which can store the heat of the solids and the environment. Thanks to this wavelength heat waves are created immediately, they felt after turning on the device and all of the solid body is heated up right away. The healthy heat wave of surroundings. This phenomenon can be observed for example. in the mountains, where sunny weather is melegségérzetünk case of minus temperatures.

They use - not just for heating.

The building materials drying It follows from this that the use of physical principles of radiation or by electromagnetic waves ranging energy transfer is very versatile. We have said that the absorbed radiation leads to an increase in body temperature. If you want to drive energy in order to heat the body, so we have to choose radiation, which is absorbed by the body surface and it does not pass through or be reflected. The type of radiation depends on the thus heated material. That is the finding leads to a new method of building materials for drying. The natural effect of infrared radiation such as thermal radiation observation has led to its use not only the thermal imaging, but in medicine, agriculture, animal husbandry, construction - in the field of heating and drying it . The infrared radiation heating, which is produced by using dark red quartzite radiation, heat is used in bathrooms. Typical uses for the 1-2 kW bathroom heaters. Under these devices are able to quickly produce relatively large amounts of heat by means of radiation. The industrial uses such as drying varnishes, starch processes, accelerating overdue. All infrared heating process is based on the principle of heating the objects directly, it will not be the direct heating of the ambient air by the heat rays, so the system is fully serve the desired purpose.

Large rooms and hall heating
In case the radiant ceiling heating energy conservation best practices. While non-heated air in the hall, but also by the radiation of the selected items, these include flooring, machinery, equipment and above all the working people. The transmission gates open roads do not reduce the heating performance and do not lead to virtually no energy loss, since no heating of the surrounding air, so no energy transfer occurs by air, as in the case of the classic heating methods.