The infrared heating

Infrared heating is the most modern and economically very affordable alternative to heating. So surely become a favorite of modern housing culture method for heating. Not only due to low investment and operating costs, but also because the infrared heating favorably stimulates the human body functions and significantly reduces the amount of dust in the room, as well as saving infrared panel, an infrared radiator and heater meets today's design requirements.
Thus, for allergy sufferers is the right choice. The infrared heater allows the use of space in addition to all these, these are the same radiator is mounted on the ceiling or walls of the village.

1.       Immediately and economical heating, saving space, the oxygen does not burn, does not cause headaches, does not produce dust

2.       Secure the failure is almost impossible

3.       simple operation and regulation,  panel thermostat

4.       remove moisture, providing a hygienic and clean environment

5.       Easy installation and operation

6.       wall, ceiling or tripod mounted

7.       the heat can be controlled and auditable

8.       kills bacteria and micro-organisms - provides a completely healthy environment

9.       to calculate precisely the electrical power consumption of any Local or individual radiators

10.  light, light heating possibility

11.  solar collectors added, it can be more effective,

12.  efficient electric heating, efficient design, economical light

13. of the infrared radiant panel heating and radiant as practicable